About us

A temperature rise or drop of just a few degrees sometimes leads to disaster. It can affect substantial financial loss, cause harm to individuals or both. Imagine your company is just one link in a long supply chain, many times the damage is due to circumstances beyond your control. That’s even more reason to take preventive measures, monitor the process and get cold, hard facts that reduce your risk.

Cynotex was set up to assist any industry that produces, ships, receives or stores temperature-sensitive commodities and provide them an insight on what is happening along the supply chain and the impact that has on the goods through current system evaluation, consultations and products.

With knowledge, right products, right approach and reliable business partners, Cynotex’s expertise in cold chain management solutions gives you the control you need.

Having said that, an effective Cold Chain Management is only possible if everyone involved understands their role, responsibility and the standards that should be applied. In other words, Cold Chain is the art of running a relay race. Everybody needs to play their part and ensure a seamless and safe baton handoff to the finish line. Fumbling a baton handoff can cost you the race. Likewise botching a handoff in the cold chain can have much more serious consequences. To avoid “dropping the baton” or “slow handover”, teamwork is a vital part of success. Otherwise, the integrity of the cold chain can be compromised.


Our mission as the cold chain solution realization company is to explore and deliver reliable solutions to our clients through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment.


Our vision is to gain recognition and trust to be the cold chain solution realization company, in our competitive marketplace, through a unified commitment to the values of customer satisfaction and reliable business partners.