Hanwell Lite

Plug and Play Temperature Monitor

Wirelessly automated temperature monitor with alerts for retail refrigeration equipment monitoring, in and out of working hours.

24/7 comprehensive monitoring technology like no other.

Hanwell Lite (currently available as Notion Lite) is an ideal 24/7 wireless system to monitor temperature of food and medical supplies for food and healthcare retailers such as Butchers, Vets, GP’s, High street pharmacies, restaurants etc.

The plug and play temperature monitor kit has everything you need to get started with wirelessly monitoring your refrigeration equipment and stock. The temperature sensors accurately monitor the environment within fridges or freezers where crucial stock requires protecting from temperature fluctuations (often caused by refrigeration failure).

This temperature monitoring system has been designed specifically for ease of use and provides business owners with immediate access to real-time temperature data 24/7 and audit-ready reports at the click of a button, anytime or anywhere.


  • Accurate and reliable temperature monitor.
  • Assists with national regulatory requirements such as HACCP.
  • Improves product quality and reduce product waste.
  • Reduces errors resulting from manual checks.
  • Eliminates time spent taking manual readings.
  • Alleviates audit stress with easy to access historical reports.