Other Industries

Our range of intelligent environmental monitoring products provides customers with the tools to monitor temperature throughout the cold chain of various industries.


All of the best qualities of a wine can be lost on the road to your market due to temperature extremes. Temperatures above 21°C change a wine’s chemistry, affecting aroma, taste and appearance. Freezing also causes problems. Wine cellars are temperature-controlled for a reason.


If flowers have poor shelf life and look less than fresh, the culprit may be warm temperatures in the cold chain.Temperatures above 4°C during transit contribute to quality issues such as dehydration, gray mold and ethylene damage. The key to fixing costly quality problems is to determine weak spots in the cold chain.


In the line of beauty and health, cosmetics and other personal care products often require refrigerated handling en route to reduce the possibility of spoilage. Lip glosses & creams, for example, are time and temperature-sensitive. Control of the exposition time to an exceeded temperature is needed.

Data Center

An uninterrupted room climate monitoring is of vital importance for protecting the high-grade investments in server rooms and office buildings. In addition to regulated temperature conditions, the humidity levels must also be maintained in many cases so that the capital goods are not damaged.