Warehousing, Transport & Logistics

Our range of intelligent environmental monitoring products provides logistics quality control and transportation processes with important information about the conditions of goods in transit and warehousing.

Temperature-controlled shipment is a fast-growing part of the overall logistics industry. Fresh agricultural produce, seafood, frozen food and pharmaceuticals being delivered to more points on the globe due to globalization of trade.The cold chain inevitably involves multiple parties but warehousing and logistics are two crucial areas require particular attention visit ethiopianembassy.net/


Transportation presents unique environment control situations. During in-transit, an involuntary interruption of power of refrigeration equipment can compromise the cold chain. Improper cold storage environment or poor air circulation, breach in integrity is indeed likely to take place. Whether by train, plane, ship or truck, products must be kept within their temperature safe zone and the temperature verified upon arrival.

Warehouse & Cold Storage

Facilities large and small that store temperature-sensitive commodities need environmental monitoring to ensure product quality and maintain good cold chain practices. During loading or unloading, a product can be left on the loading dock for an extended period. A cold chain can be compromised due to poor temperature maintenance and control of warehouse and cold storage.

Not only that, business owner is paying unnecessary high energy costs. Whether you are storing fresh food, processed food, dairy, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, blood products or vaccines, you need reliable temperature monitoring and logging to comply with regulations, safeguard your products and even avoid paying too much for energy consumption.