Temperature Mapping

Cold-Chain Temperature Mapping

As part of our extensive range of cold-chain solutions, we offer a comprehensive temperature mapping service.

Designed by experts, this highly effective service helps you ensure the efficacy of your temperature controlled storage facilities and environments.

Why do I Need Temperature Mapping?

The Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) guidance for the distribution and storage of pharmaceutical products states that warehouses, storerooms, cold rooms and fridges must be temperature mapped to ensure that products are being consistently stored at the right temperature.

Accurate temperature mapping allows you to record and map differences and changes in your environment, capturing a number of different locations over a set period of time. The MHRA advises that the mapping process should be carried out in the summer and the winter and at any time when equipment is changed or moved.

The cold-chain temperature mapping solution provides confidence and reassurance that you are maintaining temperatures at the prescribed levels and supports you to meet your requirements for the accurate storage of your pharmaceutical products.

The Temperature Mapping Process

Our trained engineers will carry out a full survey of your site and position our highly accurate and traceable cold-chain mapping probes in appropriate positions in your warehouse, as well as cold rooms and fridges.

Once distributed, the probes will be left in position to map your environment for seven days, with sample readings being taken every few minutes throughout the survey procedure. Once this exercise is complete – we will accurately download the data from each probe and provide you with a detailed analysis of your mapping results. This feedback will include analysed results for every individual probe with an overview of minimum, maximum and average temperatures over the mapping period.

Our report will highlight any causes for concern and make solid recommendations for remedies and/or improvements.